Would you like to begin communication with your baby or toddler earlier?

Is your toddler suffering the frustrations of the terrible twos?

Have you heard of baby sign language and wanted to know more about it?

Is your baby already signing hello and you want to teach them more?

You need Toddler Interpreter® - the simplest baby sign language for you and your child. Give your toddler a head start with their speech development today!

Toddler Interpreter® is a sign language for babies that you can begin teaching and using with your baby from as early as 6 months and as late as 30 months. Toddler Interpreter® has been uniquely designed in five easy signing stages of learning so that the most relevant baby signs are taught first.

Baby sign language involves the use of speech while concurrently signing with your baby. It uses a vocabulary of keyword baby signs and gestures to support speech development in your toddler. The Toddler Interpreter® baby sign language has been specifically developed to help your baby communicate their needs and wants. Signing with your baby will help reduce the frustration of the terrible twos.

Toddler Interpreter® is a speech development tool for communicating with your pre-verbal baby. The baby signs are so easy to learn and are lots of fun for the whole family.

Toddler Interpreter® incorporates natural gestures and modified traditional sign language signs. Toddler Interpreter® is a modified version of sign language because many of the traditional signs are too difficult for young babies to learn in the short time that they are used. We feel that it is not age appropriate to base the sign language in the Toddler Interpreter® resources on the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet like most other baby sign language products do. A nine month old baby does not have any concept of their ABC’s and so we feel it is too much to ask them to finger spell words. The simple gestures used in Toddler Interpreter® do not require fine motor skills, making it quick and easy to learn for both babies and parents. Parents do not need to know ASL to be able to teach their babies sign language using Toddler Interpreter® resources.

The signs used in Toddler Interpreter® are all very distinct from each other and generally only use one movement making it easier to learn and use. The baby signs used do not have to be perfect and you don’t need to be an expert, it is meant to be fun and interactive. You will find that your baby will catch on very quickly and will inevitably teach you a sign or two of their own along the way.

Question: What are the benefits of baby sign language?


Baby sign language helps to reduce tantrums and tears of terrible twos by providing a method of communication from a very early age.

Signing with your baby reduces frustration for you and your baby by bridging the communication gap in the pre-verbal years.

Teaching baby signs will strengthen the bond between babies and their parents, siblings and caregivers.

Signing with your baby reduces the amount of time you spend playing guessing games.

Baby sign language can be used to get to know your babies interests and thoughts.

Using baby signs stimulates brain activity and speech development, resulting in higher IQ.

Signing with your baby helps to accelerate the speech process, providing a strong foundation for early literacy.

Teaching baby signs encourage babies to talk sooner.

Signing with your baby provides an advantage to your child’s further development of vocabulary, spelling and reading ability.


Question: When should I begin signing with my baby?

Answer: You can begin signing with your baby as early or as late as you like. There is no right or wrong time to start teaching baby sign language but the sooner you start the sooner you will see results! Results with each individual is different but research shows that babies can begin signing back to you from as early as 8 months old. Some people start to introduce baby sign language from birth, others will wait until they are 6-9 months old and some don’t introduce signing until they are looking for new ways to deal with the terrible twos. We suggest that the best time to start signing with your baby is when your baby is showing signs of wanting to communicate with you and when you feel that baby sign language will benefit your baby the most.

We have made the Toddler Interpreter® baby sign language much easier to learn and use for both parents and children. All of the signs in the Toddler Interpreter® baby sign language are based on natural hand and body gestures that are directly related to the meaning of the word. Toddler Interpreter® baby signs are easier to learn and use for babies and toddlers.