Toghers is designed just for YOU: Family Caregivers.

There are many services available designed to help the person receiving care—Toghers is designed to help the person giving care. At Toghers, we understand how important it is that family caregivers put their own health first. We help you assess your caregiving situation and offer expert guidance and tips to help you make the important decisions, learn to care for yourself, and navigate the often confusing world of caring for another.

Toghers was incorporated on March 17, 2007 with one goal in mind: helping family caregivers.

Why do we care so passionately about caregivers? The life of a family caregiver is stressful, overwhelming, and unpredictable. Most available resources do not offer the support, guidance, information and tools you need to take care of yourself while learning how to take care of your care recipient. You need something new—something more. You need Toghers.

The founders of Toghers understand how tough the role of a caregiver is. Some of us have been or are still family caregivers ourselves, some of us have dedicated our careers to helping family caregivers, and all of us want you to know that you are not alone.

Toghers (www.toghers.com) offers online education and support for family caregivers. Our services are designed to help the person giving care. Toghers provides articles, a Caregiver Coach® blog, caregiver plans, tip cards and checklists, and Caregiver Coach® chat.