Toll Track is a FREE mobile app for iOS and Android that will help you track and log your toll costs automatically.
All you need to do is press 'Start' and let Toll Track do the tracking for you while you drive the route.Toll Track calculates the relevant discounts according to your presets and will build a monthly cost logs.

Toll Track uses your mobile phone's built-in GPS receiver to track the gantries passed through and calculates the relevant discounts applicable, to display and log the net payable amount.

Toll Track for iOS consist of various additional features such as a route planner and cost calculator to help you plan your trip and determine costs up ahead.

Supports ALL Vehicle Types and Users.

Ideal for individuals who do a lot of business travelling, now you can track your toll expenses and incorporate it into your business billing structure.

The following Toll Systems are currently supported by TollTrack:
TollTrack USA - The Toll Roads (CA)
TollTrack SA (South-Africa) - Bakwena, TracN1N4 and E-Toll