Tommy The Rat is a small company based in Miami Beach (FL) that will sell humane and canine apparel and various products to save pets in need across America. We need your help to get started. Each month Tommy The Rat will donate 50% of its proceeds to no kill shelters, rescue groups and animal associations. Our goal is to raise money and awareness to help pets in need by sharing Tommy's story.


One day while at work, Lorenzo texted me (Linda), "Look at Instagram. A dog we should help. What I found was a re-post from @urgentdogsofmiami stating "NEEDS RESCUE TODAY BY 5PM or will be EUTHANIZED at MDAS for broken femur.” The message was accompanied with a picture of the sweetest small dog that we would come to know as Tommy. This little rat terrier was in Miami Dade Animal Shelter in a critical condition, ready to be euthanized by the end of the day. We managed to adopt him an hour before his scheduled euthanization. The employees did not know much about him other than that he was brought in by someone who found him on a street, and was most likely hit by a car. We rushed him to our vet  Dr. Val at Eco Deco Pet Hospital and found out that Tommy had both femurs broken, fractured pelvic bone, abscess, flees, stomach worms and a blood parasite that made him anemic. The seriousness of his injuries required him to have implants in both femurs and a removal of one hip bone. With advice from many people on Instagram, we created a fundraiser to help us raise funds for Tommy's medical bill which came to be a little over $6,000. Together with the help of our vet, his staff, surgeon and a number of wonderful people all over the country and outside of US, we were able to save Tommy and give him a brand new start. Now he is a happy, grateful  sweet pup, running around and playing with his 3 brothers and his family.


Through this campaign we want to be able to raise money that will be used towards the creation of www.TommyTheRat.com. By contributing to this campaign you will be able to purchase several items inspired by Tommy (we have a lot of ideas but won't spill the beans yet, but trust me, you'll like them!).  We will use the money to create a brand new ecommerce website, design and produce the products, buy inventory, invest in marketing and PR and everything that will make an ecommerce website happen. TommyTheRat.com will then donate 50% of its proceeds to no kill shelters, rescue groups and animal associations through the entire life of the company.


We decided to start Tommy campaign on December 2nd known as #GivingTuesday. December 2nd is the International Day of Giving Back, and we believe this will help raise attention and awareness to the terrible conditions in which millions of pets across America are living. #GivingTuesday is a global day for giving back. On Tuesday Dec. 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, students and more will come together to create #GivingTuesday a day when people around the world will use the Internet & social media to share information about how they give and why. Help us saving as many pets as we can by contributing to our campaign or simply sharing it on social media during this Giving Tuesday using the hashtag #TommyTheRat.


Tommy The Rat will donate 50% of all of its proceeds to no kill shelters, groups and animal organizations that try to save animals, find them loving homes, and provide care for them.

As far as which places will get donations, we are looking to donate to several. There are MANY worthy rescue groups and no kill shelters that depend on donations to keep operating. They are saving thousands of dogs each day and we want be able to help them save even more. We will be seeking out different organizations, fosters and adopters each month and we will actively listen to everyone's suggestions to who needs the most help at the time.

You will always be able to keep up where the donations are going. We will be asking no kill shelters and associations for photos of their pets so you can see the specific pets that you are donating towards and help save. You will be able to see photos of pets whose lives we literally saved by your pledging! We will also provide free to download printable materials (infographics, comics, etc) in order to help us spread the word.


Our ultimate goal is to create an efficient and sustainable company specialized in humane and pet related products that will donate 50% of its proceeds to help pets in need. This is not a single campaign, a single line, or a specific product dedicated to this cause. Our goal is bigger. Our goal is to keep saving pets and help them find a home as long as this company is alive. We need your help to pursue this goal. Please support us.