About Our Group
The Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers Group has been investigating reported haunted locations since 1999 and are based in Clarksville, Tennessee. Some of our investigations include Stones River Battle Field in Murfreesboro, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Ky, over 90 private homes in and around the Middle Tennessee region. We are now recruiting members for on going and new investgations. No experience is necessary however willingness to learn is.

We Do Not Charge for Investigations
Clients will experience upmost professionalism by all staff at Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers. We believe that providing a service to the community should be free. Clients recieve copies of all investigation evidence, documented events, history, EVP's, Video, and Pictures free of charge.
Our Mission
Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach. We offer you possible explanations but they are not the only ones. Ghost Hunting is not an exact science and we do not have absolute proof but we do have enough circumstantial evidence to support the possibility of the existence of ghosts. We ask that you keep an open mind and enjoy your visit while having a little fun learning something new. Our group is not like most in this field. We will work with the client at no cost what so ever, no donations, no love offerings, and no help with travel costs we have fund raisers to off set these costs. We investigate in the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama region.

Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers understands the sensitive nature of a suspected haunting. and here is our promise to our client:

1. We promise to be professional at all times.

2. We promise to respect you and your property at all times.

3. We promise that you will be informed daily the status of your case.

4. We promise not to publish any findings unless you release them to us.

Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers holds all investigators assigned to their cases at a standard higher than most. We think this is why Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers has stayed around as long as they have. Come experience the difference

Paranormal Classes
Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers networks with local and national paranormal agencies to better blanket the U.S with great training. Some of these classes are free of charge however some are fee based due to site rental or other fees. Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers is a listed LLC "Not for Profit" with the state of Tennessee. All classes that are fee based will state the fee before you sign up.

Ghost Chasers International
Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers are a member of the very well organized Ghost Chasers International. Patti Starr the founder has allowed our members to attend the Intro and Advanced Ghost Hunting courses. Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers follows the very same bylaws, rule and regulations as Ghost Chasers International.