Tony Cooper lives in England and writes novels, comics and games while drinking tea. After studying Medicine at university, he fancied a break, and made videogames for the next sixteen years instead.

After some careful research, he self-published his first book in 2013, and became hooked! Now he is a full-time freelance writer and artist, based in the Midlands, and a proud indie self-publisher.

He has written two novels - Powerless and Killing Gods, both dark, contemporary superhero dramas - the comedy SciFi novella Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery - and a collection of disturbing tales entitled The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories.
He also wrote and drew Powerless: Some Kind of Hero, a tie-in comic book to his superhero novel series and The Murder Club - a pair of dark, psychological thriller graphic novels about two shoolkids who plot to kill people and frame others for the murder.

He has just published DIE FAMOUS, the third book in his superhero novel series.

For more information, visit www.hungryblackbird.com