Atlanta native Tony Vaughn has been perfecting his Hot Sauce for years. Even as the process of making the sauce was enjoyed, he was apprehensive about marketing it until friends convinced him the sauce was too good not to offer to the public. In September 2021, with the assistance of his trusted friends, they cultivated what is now the Insanely Good Tony’s Hot Sauce & Spices Mix.

Now, a year and a half later, while juggling the responsibilities of being a father or four, grandfather of one, and retired from the Airline Industry, Tony decided the time was right to begin marketing his HotSauce.

After traveling throughout the Caribbean islands and tasting many wonderful different sauces and spices, Tony decided to bring the combined taste of different regions together to make unique hot sauces and spices focusing on the use of the Puerto Rican Recao plant and organic peppers from theCaribbean islands.

Tony’s Hot Sauce adds a flavorful kick to breakfast, lunch or dinner to elevate your meal to the next level! The taste can be described as a spicy but flavorful heat that is balanced between the fire of the habanero peppers and the flavors of Puerto Rican Recao and Caribbean flavors.

This Hot Sauce has no chemicals included and is made with all natural ingredients from fresh markets. This Distinctive sauce and spice mix holds flavors of Habanero peppers, Puerto Rican Recao plant,Caribbean spices, vinegar and is especially delicious.

Tony's Hot Sauce and Spices has had countless requests to retail their breath-taking sauce in stores and is in the process of infiltrating the Hot Sauce industry!