The initial launch of TooFaced London’s masks is being celebrated with a series of designs, from contemporary block colours through to popular animal and floral prints – with different styles for different personalities and preferences.
“With the launch of the government’s new rules, designed to prevent the public from spreading germs from themselves to others, we wanted to provide buyers with a solution which met the need for social responsibility, as well as the desire to remain unique and stylish”, said Founder Eliis Ashley Ruus.

About TooFaced London
TooFaced London was launched in 2020 to fill a gap in the market and give the British public a means of showing their commitment to both community safety and fashion.
With all designs fully reusable, sustainable and comfortable, the designs by TooFaced London introduce a way for face masks to be considered an accessory which is environmentally friendly and stylish, making them accessible to both old and young people who are looking for a way to act responsibly in public without having to cover up who they are.
A TooFaced London face mask is made with a 100% cotton lining, with adjustable ear sliders for an optimum fit, and breathable fabric which makes them ideal for use both across everyday use and during exercise. Each mask comes complete with a travel bag, giving the user an opportunity to keep their mask safe while not in use.
“Here at TooFaced London we believe that everything you do and wear is an opportunity to be creative and to show the world who you are, and our cloth face masks are no different – designed to show that our buyers are not only stylish, but respect their community and are committed to doing their bit” – Founder Eliis Ashley Ruus

You can snap up your TooFaced London cloth face mask here, from 15th June 2020.