About Toor Knives:

Born in a San Diego backyard in 2014, Toor Knives has come a long way since Connor Toor was hand-grinding blades in his tiny U-Haul workshop.  We now have approximately 40 incredibly talented craftsmen and women, engineers, machinists and bladesmiths all here in our El Cajon, CA facility, producing premium knives, axes and tools on a daily basis all “Under the Flag.”

About Under the Flag :
Toor Knives’ non- profit, Under the Flag will support the free training and development of the San Diego workforce. It is named Under the Flag with the vision to train and qualify individuals to effectively manufacture goods in the U.S.A. Furthermore, it is dedicated to supporting the transition of military members and training them for free in our manufacturing learning center. Its mission is to invest in the local workforce and train military veterans to create domestic solutions for manufacturing.