Binary Options are relatively new financial products that are rapidly becoming more and more popular in the UK and European Union. Due to this popularity, the number of broker platforms increases daily, and leaves the potential trader with an almost unmanageable list of choices and questions: Which binary options broker is the best? Which brokers are trustworthy? What is important to consider when choosing a broker platform?
This is where Top10binaryoptions.co.uk joins the process and takes action. With the help of guidebooks, comparison tables, unique rating systems and broker reviews, top10binaryoptions.co.uk educates and assists the user to find the binary options broker, that fits best to their individual requirements.

Top10binaryoptions.co.uk uses several tools to help the user make a decision. The most important feature is the comparison table. The unique specialty of this feature is, that the user can change the ranking of the table according to his specification.
For example, if user A is looking for a regulated broker, with a low minimum deposit and a low minimum trade value, he can choose the relevant parameters at the top of the table. The ranking changes instantly to the respective order. This helps User A to quickly identify the  broker that fits best to him, his budget and his sense of safety.

Once the user has chosen a broker, he can find an extensive review for each broker on dedicated sub-pages. These reviews present the strengths and the weaknesses of each broker platform in a graphic and descriptive way, that is informative and easy to understand. An in-depth scoring system, a radar graph as well as different screen-shots summarise everything the user needs to know about the binary options broker. At the end of this process, each user should be able to identify the perfect broker, according to their individual needs and requirements.