Remote Computer Repair

Remote Care while YOU Relax

Low, affordable Rates


Does your PC take forever to start ?
Do you have annoying pop-up windows?
Do you suspect a virus or spyware ?


From the comfort of your home, have us clean up your computer remotely in 3 easy steps:

1) Free Consultation by clicking
the Chat Box (upper left).

2) We'll set up a remote connection.

3) We'll scan and remove viruses, spyware, and unwanted files that slow down your computer.

All Services Guaranteed by Georges Apple, personally
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Virus Removal or other minor problem   29 €
Virus Check/Removal
Spyware Check/Removal
Check Firewall Status

Complete Cleanup speed up your PC        49 €
Virus Check/Removal
Spyware Check/Removal
FREE Antivirus software & Installation (Home user)
Remove Unwanted Browser Toolbars
Disk Defrag for fast operation
Update Adobe Reader, Flash, Java
Windows Updates where possible
BONUS PLUS - You don't backup enough?
FREE Online Backup Service and Installation
(click for more info)
Top Care Year-round         5 € /month
Available only After Complete Cleanup (see above)
Complete Cleanup done twice a year
Billed 30€ every 6 months in advance
Cancel at anytime, pro-rata refund

Backup is ALWAYS important.
Data in digital form can be erased accidentally or lost if a computer is damaged or destroyed. Before we begin cleaning and repairing your computer, PLEASE make sure that you have a copy of all important data including contact information, financial information, pictures, etc. LOGINS AND PASSWORDS may be saved in cookies so that you don't need to remember them each visit. We remove all your cookies so make sure that you know where your logins and passwords are before we clean up your computer.
more info on backup

PC XP and Vista only plus high speed internet connection.
These are different versions of Microsoft Windows. We do not support earlier versions of Windows. Naturally, in order to connect to your computer, you must have a high speed (broadband) internet connection.

No, we are not able to resolve all problems.
Alas, some problems may be hardware related or require the complete re-installation of your computer. We will inform you as soon as possible if we find that we are unable to help you.

What is a Remote Computer Service ?
A Remote Computer Service allows necessary maintenance to be done over the internet. As such you benefit by having these come to your home more rapidly, more conveniently, and less expensively.

How to Install/Uninstall Remote Access Software (TeamViewer).
In order for us to access your computer remotely, you should go to this page and download the third item on the page called "For unattended servers: TeamViewer Host." Please install it following the instructions. It will ask you to create a password.. You will also receive a 9 digit ID. We will need both the ID and this password to access your computer.
We will only access your computer at the times for which you have given consent and with you in front of your screen. Once we have completed our work (or at any time), you may remove TeamViewer for good thus blocking any future access. If you are unfamiliar with how to remove a program, I recommend you follow this video that explains how to uninstall a program. Naturally, select TeamViewer 4 Host instead of the program 7-Zip that is used in the video. Alternatively, we will be happy to assist you with the uninstall if you have any questions.

What do I do while you're connected ?
While we are scanning, cleaning and repairing, you are welcome to watch the screen. We will leave a log on your computer of what we specifically did in the event that you, we, or anyone else in the future would like to consult it. Please do not erase the folder that we create to this effect.

Do you guarantee your work ?
YES. If we cannot resolve your problem, you will be refunded 100% ! If you do not have proper security on your computer, we will install (with your consent) anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. If any issues re-occur during the seven days that follow, we will happily re-connect to your system and make the proper adjustments. However, viruses and spyware have a way of defeating these products in the event that you surf on dangerous sites or if you receive emails with viruses attached. To be frank with you, we cannot guarantee that your computer will never be infected again.