TopLine Strategies is a Client-side Consultant

We objectively assess tools and applications based solely on a client’s requirements, architectural standards, and budget. Our knowledge of industry leading software manufacturers allow an unbiased approach to determining the best option to meet each client’s needs while negotiating the most advantageous terms.

TopLine Strategies emphasizes the development of business solutions in close collaboration with the client’s leadership and users. At the start of an engagement, we interview key members of an organization in order to map the existing and desired work flows, understand the business strategies, and determine the measures of success. Additional research and prototyping enables us to provide an assessment and recommendations to meet the needs of the business. Based on the results of the assessment, TopLine Strategies will recommend one or more options to move forward with an estimated cost and phased timeline.

The high level assessment is then used to organize the desired process and application improvements into smaller, manageable implementation phases. Our team works with clients to prioritize functionality based on the highest need and anticipated level of return. These best practices optimize a client’s return on investment by implementing high ROI impact items at every phase. Each new phase builds upon the previous and generates additional value for the client. This approach provides clients with immediate benefit, incremental improvement over time, and measurable success.

The TopLine Strategies team uses Agile methodologies within each phase to optimize the development of the business processes and systems to improve revenue generation and client satisfaction. Domain knowledgeable analysts work with users to streamline processes, increase relevance, and improve usability. Project managers control adherence to timelines and client budgetary constraints for each implementation phase with close collaboration and frequent review of functionality with users. This ensures the solution set meets real business needs and stays relevant in a dynamic business environment.