Total Rehab App Ltd., a revolutionary physiotherapy app designed for post-operation surgery and sports injury rehabilitation, is proud to announce its public launch in iOS and Android app stores. This app is the brainchild of Dharam Vyas, a sports therapist and director of SMSM Therapy Ltd. It is certified as a medical device (UKCA) and provides easily accessible injury programs for users in the UK. The app is designed to make the journey of post-operation rehabilitation and sports injury recovery easier and more efficient while readily available in the comfort of your home. We are excited to see the impact Total Rehab App Ltd. has on the lives of those who are injured and are looking forward to a successful launch.

Dharam Vyas, CEO of Total Rehab, believes that the world of physiotherapy needs to be revolutionised in response to the ever-increasing waiting times to see a physiotherapist in the NHS. To help achieve this, Total Rehab has created a free mobile app, complete with four sports injury plans for hip, lower back, shoulders, and ankle injuries, as well as three post-operation rehab programmes for total hip replacement, total knee replacement and ACL rupture.

The app offers users daily recommended exercises, over 450+ high-quality videos and thorough programmes based on up-to-date research. Furthermore, it allows users to input their pain scale which will then customise the programme for greater suitability. With Total Rehab, physiotherapy can become more accessible and effective for all.

To put their vision to the test, Total Rehab is looking to pilot their app with a focus group in an NHS hospital. This is only the beginning for Total Rehab and we are excited to see how this pilot turns out and how the app might be able to help physical therapists and their patients in the long run.