TotalCare eHealth is a technology-based healthcare company that is focused on improving healthcare in the United States through a patient-centered approach. The company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado with a growing network of Therapy Associates and Clinicians throughout the US.

TotalCare is an eHealth platform for patients and healthcare providers that combines outcomes-based patient management protocols and a proprietary ‘eHealth operating system’ to help providers attract more patients and manage them more effectively resulting in better outcomes and increased profit.

By making basic best practices scale-able and profitable, as well as helping providers track and improve outcomes, we solve the biggest problems in the healthcare market today.

While the platform is built to support any targeted disease state, therapy, or procedure, the company’s first commercial implementation is in the US Sleep Health market focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) continuum of care.

After our the initial launch, we will expand to other health verticals such as COPD, chronic sinusitis, obesity, diabetes, depression & anxiety, and smoking cessation.
The TotalCare eHealth platform…
•Standardizes best practices with outcomes-based eHealth protocols
•Digitally-unifies patients and all clinicians onto one shared platform
•Empowers patients to utilize self-help resources and online ordering
•Utilizes low-cost interactive technology for screening, patient education, and patient communications
•Automates routine activities & supports 1-on-1 interaction with patients who need it
•Delivers clinician CEU and provider staff training & certification based on best practices
•Collects, Tracks, stores, analyzes, and reports on therapy metrics and outcomes data
•Utilizes ‘big data’ and analytics to improve eHealth protocols – true evidence-based medicine
•Facilitates monitoring, early detection and intervention when needed

•Automated interactive follow-up encounters
•Private messaging, 1-to-1 or broadcast
•Email, text message, IVR, mobile push notifications
•Live voice or voice + video communications
•Tasks & workflows
•Document management, sharing & viewing
•Patient payments & collections
•Health, & therapy metrics, analysis and reporting
•Self-service supply ordering through eCommerce platform
•Android & iOS smart phone apps
•Online/mobile app health assessments
•Digitally-integrated physician, patient & provider roles and simple, digital referrals
•Advanced outcomes management: Measure patient satisfaction, therapy/procedure outcomes, etc.
•Health metrics data collection through over 175 wearable and health peripheral devices (FitBit, Withings, Jawbone, etc.)
•Big data analytics through AI engines & machine learning
•HIPAA & MARS-E compliant
•Interactive clinician CEU and staff training