Total Safety is the world's leading provider of Safety Service Solutions to the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Industrial markets.

Our goal is to provide high-quality safety solutions and products in a measurable, cost-effective manner, without compromise. We stand behind the promise we make to each of our customers - providing safety service that works while helping our clients protect lives, property and the environment.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with more than 142 locations worldwide in 20 countries, Total Safety has the people, programs and processes to deliver the industry's best industrial safety services and equipment tailored to your specific business needs.

Our History
Total Safety was formed December 1994, to serve the industrial safety needs of the oil and gas industry. Over several years, our company has transformed itself through internal growth and acquisitions to become the industry leader in a comprehensive array of industrial safety services in a variety of end markets.

Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Safety Services Including Programs, Systems, Consulting, Equipment, Training, Audits & Inspections

In the refining and petrochemical industry, safety isn’t an option, and when it comes to industrial safety services and equipment, Total Safety has you covered. We provide a complete line of safety services and equipment geared towards ongoing refinery and petrochemical plant safety and during plant shutdowns and turnarounds.

Plant Shutdown and Turnaround Safety Support
In order to have a successful plant turnaround, large or small, the project needs to be completed safely, on time and within project scope and budget. Look to Total Safety for industrial safety services, like industrial safety equipment rental and In-Plant Service Centers, designed to streamline plant shutdowns and turnarounds in a safe and successful way.

Industrial Safety Equipment Rental for Plant Turnarounds
Total Safety’s offers top-of-the-line industrial safety equipment rental ideal for short-term projects, like plant turnarounds. We can even staff a plant turnaround team to help issue and track our rental safety equipment with our Stock and Roll computer system. Stock and Roll monitors who is using the equipment and what equipment is being used thus, reducing equipment loss.

In-Plant Service Center (IPSC)
Total Safety deploys and sets-up In-Plant Service Centers at your facility to help you keep response times and overall safety costs down and equipment availability up. Our IPSCs are staffed with trained technicians who can provide and support gas detection equipment; respiratory protection equipment; fire equipment services; plant-owned safety equipment management; on-site safety training; and safety equipment inspection services.

Industrial Safety Training Services
Our certified specialists provide effective and economical industrial safety training services for your company’s toughest challenges. Total Safety offers over 40 safety training programs designed to ensure a safe workplace that can be conducted on-site at any of your locations or at any Total Safety Training Center. Total Safety can even customize our instruction to your site-specific concerns.

Oil & Gas Safety Services for Upstream Including Programs, Systems, Consulting, Equipment, Training, Audits & Inspections

Total Safety is the go-to provider of oil and gas safety services for upstream that are deployable anywhere in the world. We offer a complete line of industrial safety services, systems and equipment all designed to keep your workers safe in the oilfields.

Oilfield Safety Training
The Total Safety training staff consists of Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and other specialists – available for short or long-term projects. These specialists include confined space entry attendants; holewatch and bottlewatch technicians; safety watch personnel; and oilfield safety compliance inspection services.

Total Safety provides the resources to keep your facility in compliance and running smoothly including web-based asset management; safety equipment inspections; safety audits; site-service-solutions (S3) program; regulatory compliance programs; fire equipment surveys; loss prevention programs; and contingency planning.

Custom Engineered Oilfield Safety Systems
From inception through installation, Total Safety provides oilfield safety solutions for fire and gas detection and suppression for industrial applications. We can offer your company effective and efficient systems for protecting life and property and assuring regulatory compliance.

The Total Safety Custom Engineered Systems Design Group has complete in-house capability to survey potentially hazardous environments. We design the best-suited system, as well as fabricate, install and train your personnel in its operation.