Totinit is focused on providing solutions for the mobile commuter and outdoor recreationalist while supporting carry solutions that cater to your everyday needs.

Founded in 2016 and rooted in Vancouver, BC, Totinit is not just a brand nameā€”it's both a noun and a verb, representing a philosophy and a way of living that captures the spirit of everyday adventure. Whether it's exploring your home city, venturing into the wild, or discovering new urban landscapes around the globe, totinit is uniting practicality with elegance to seamlessly fit into your diverse experiences.

Inspired by the urban sophistication and outdoor vitality of Vancouver, Totinit's cross-body bags and wallets are essential companions for any adventure. They cater to the functionality required for a hike in the mountains, the sleek style needed to navigate bustling streets, or the adaptability for traveling and exploring new cities.

On outdoor excursions, Totinit's intelligent design of cross-body bags and wallets keeps your essentials secure, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature's beauty. In the urban jungle or foreign lands, totinit enhances your confidence with its modern aesthetics, safeguarding your valuables while elevating your look.

Designed for adventurers, travellers, and style-conscious individuals men and woman alike, Totinit's versatile products offer thoughtful details that enable you to embrace life's journey without compromise, reflecting the vibrant culture of travel and exploration.

With Totinit, it's not just about what you carry; it's about enhancing your journey, feeling self-assured, and living a life filled with endless possibilities and adventures, no matter where you are.

Join us in a transformative exploration of life's adventures, both near and far. Allow totinit to enrich your experiences and inspire you to approach the world with assurance, flair, and a spirit of discovery. Embrace the potential of totinit, and let your adventures unfold. #totinit