The TouchGENiE Overlay is a simple answer to a very complicated question. Without a touchscreen how do I get the most from the operating system on my PC? With our product we offer 3 main benefits, it’s very easy to install, it’s simple to use and it will save you money. The Overlay’s frame is secured to the front of any desktop monitor or TV and plugged into a Personal Computer through a USB connection.  The unit uses native windows drivers so there’s no software to install or confusing configuration required. Each overlay has a range of touch points available. Soladapt offer 2 – 40  point multi touch function and comes in a range of sizes from 17” to 159”
The Touchscreen Overlay allows the user to experience the full functionality of Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, Android, Vista and even Windows XP.
TouchGENiE presents the unique and cost effective opportunity to experience the full functionality of touch-based systems like Windows 8  With such a simple design it’s not surprising that it’s also extremely strong and will even offer protection to your existing display.