Tow A Bin at work 

Tow A Bin USA introduces patented innovative bracket for towing trash bins over long and/or steep driveways. Dragging the trash bin over long or steep driveways is difficult task.Specially when it rains, snows or windy days. Tow A Bin is developed to overcome this task easily. Can be used by anyone.Tow multiple bins at once just like a train.
It is totally detachable, place it in your trunk.

No more racoon attack into your trash bins, you can easily tow it in the morning.
It is durable, powder coated for extra durability.Lifetime limited warranty. 30 day no question asked return policy.
Check to see how it works and how easy it is at
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* Tow A Bin is a innovative bracket for towing your wheeled trash bins over long or steep driveways.
* Taking the trash bin or recycling bin for the street pick up weekly is physically demanding task.
* When it is raining or snowing, this task gets more difficult. Specially for elderly and handicapped persons.
* Tow A Bin securely attaches your bins to your vehicle, keeping the lids closed.
* Most of the household has two wheeled bins; one for trash and one for recycling.
* Towing multiple bins at the same time is an other feature of Tow A Bin.
* Multiple bins can be attached and securely towed with Tow A Bin.
* With Tow A Bin it takes just less than a minute to attach a bin to your vehicle.
* You do not have to drag your bins a night before for morning pick-up.
* Your trash bins won't be exposed to wild animal trash destruction while you sleep.
* No more backacres, injuries for lifting, dragging the bins to the curb.
* Tow A Bin is inexpensive, simple, easy to use, lifetime tool for your home.
* It fits to all wheeled, single handled bins.
* 30 day no questions asked return policy, if you don't love it, simple return it.