New York, NY, January 24, 2015– Toxic Substance 2020 launches its New York site and takes a bite out of the Big Apple.  
In 2012, George Singletary Jr.  Founded and launched Toxic Substance 2020, a website and blog dedicated to helping people field the mines of a toxic world.  With its success and growth in the Atlanta area, Mr. Singletary’s vision of expanding to other cities is coming to fruition with its new site in New York.  
Toxic Substance 2020 features articles on Fashion, Women’s Health, Arts & Culture, Movie Reviews and more.  “These articles serve to entertain, enlighten and inspire not only the activist in all of us, but the person committed to service…after all, activism in its purest form is perhaps one of the oldest forms of service,” said Southard Young, Editor TS2020NY .  
George Singletary, USMC is perhaps best known for his involvement with Spring Break movies is a father and a husband who modestly describes himself as a former Marine, but for those of us who are familiar with the Corps, there is no former in the title.  In staying true to his roots and his heart, this Jarhead continues to serve by providing a fresh look at a toxic world.