Technology has brought massive alterations in each and every sectors of the globe but what were its effects on the primordial trading methods? Trading has been a part of the development of human civilization. From barter system to cryptocurrency, mankind has come a long way to create development in the field of trading. Development in technologies like Block chain and Artificial Intelligence has proved to be an asset for the trading world.

Trade Reboot is a trade tech company which provides digitalised solutions by utilising technology and brings all related intermediaries like buyers, sellers, miners, traders, shipping agencies, port authorities, stevedores, banks, insurance companies, inspecting agencies, finance institutes on one platform for a seamless, efficient, secured and easy trading process.

The platform was launched in October 2020 at Trade Reboot Global Commodity Conference 2020 inaugurated by Union Minister Shri. Mansukh Lal Mandviya and attended by 2800+ participants.

Trade Reboot is providing ICC and UCP compliant global platform to bring together all the stakeholders to reach out and expand your customer network. Their initiative is to digitalize the trading process using Blockchain technology and deliver a simpler solution to our partners aiming to make their operations secure, accessible and direct.

Trade Reboot integrates a modernized, rational and simplified flow of trade which can be integrated in the trading of various commodities across the globe. It untangles and strategize the complex, classical trading approach and provide you with a simpler transactional experience using today’s world-class technology.

Why Trade Reboot?

-     Faster operation and transaction
-     Increase in capital efficiency
-     Tracking and Traceability facility
-     Cost reduction in administrative work
-     0% error in transactions
-     Transparency in the trading system
-     Safer and secured transactions
-     Minimized human dependency and error