TrakLok Corporation (TrakLok) is commercializing a combined container locking and tracking solution. With the GeoLok TM , only the right person at the right time and place can access the contents of the container. This solution provides real-time information about the condition and location of high valuable cargo and provides a means of securing entry to the container in order to reduce losses and enables better utilization decisions. Delivered as a complete turnkey solution, the GeoLok TM solution provides physical security and container/cargo tracking throughout the entire supply chain with road, rail, and marine segments all interacting fluidly throughout the full life-cycle of a container shipment.
Asset visibility information provided through the TrakLog TM can be used in Transportation Management Systems to increase efficiency in shipping and supply chains. The GeoLok TM system provides information on idle containers that can put into use, if a shipment is ahead or behind schedule, if a container has deviated from its predetermined course or if a shipment needs to be triaged and unloaded quickly. It also can give information on the condition of the shipment itself by communicating with sensors that detect temperature, humidity, light, even spoilage.

The device was designed around the extreme demands of tracking and securing high value, high-threat and hazardous cargo and has the following characteristics:

- Install or remove in 60 seconds on all ISO standard “dry” CONEX boxes;

- Keyless entry based on location, time, and authorization code;

- Global reach via satellite communications;

- Client configurable web based access and portal;

- Distance, speed, and movement history;

- Ruggedized, armored, and environmentally sealed;

- Alerts upon tampering and status changes anywhere, anytime; and,

- Optional sensors for shock, light, humidity, and temperature which can be customized for individual client requirements.

TrakLok's competition offers either traditional locks, which have a key custody/distribution problem, provides no security at all, or worse - a false sense of security. The competition is focused on disposability; TrakLok on reusability. None of TrakLok's competition appears to be able to address both security and efficiency as completely as TrakLok. The TrakLok device is unique to the industry .

TrakLok performed an uncontrolled international container test with Kansas City Southern Railway (KCSR) in the second week of June, 2009. The test began in San Luis Potosi, Mexico (220 miles northwest of Mexico City in the mountains) at 1:00 CST on last Wednesday, June 10th.  The GeoLok device crossed into the United States at Laredo , Texas on Friday, June 12th demonstrating that the GeoLok can track in real-time and secure containers against theft and acts of terrorism.  The test concluded in Charlotte , North Carolina on June 18 th at 9:00 am EST.

This series of tests validated TrakLok's ability to secure, track, and communicate anywhere, anytime, including capturing remote sensors for additional security and commercial purposes. The test was configured to communicate via two wireless mediums: GSM and satellite links.  The testing consisted of the device being placed on an ISO compliant container full of Samsung electronics. The GeoLok reported its location, status, battery life, and ambient temperature every three minutes via cellular and 10 minutes via satellite and transmitted this information TrakLog. The test was successful and all signals were received, processed, and reported on schedule. There were no violations of the container.

TrakLok's value proposition is clear. Through reduced losses, improved efficiency, insurance incentives, and reduced inspections, the device is free, or better, to operate. The advantageous side effect of this process is improved homeland security. The GeoLok is a commercial solution to a homeland security problem.