Trakm8prime is the affordable vehicle tracking solution specifically designed for small businesses. Sole traders and smaller companies can now enjoy the benefits of vehicle tracking from as little as £3 per vehicle per week. Featuring fully online ordering and plug-and-play self-installation, Trakm8prime is quick and easy to register and install.

Trakm8 Prime is proven to save up to 15% on fuel consumption, by coaching drivers out of bad habits such as engine idling, aggressive acceleration and harsh braking. Its unique vehicle health alerts provide an early warning system to drivers, helping to avoid breakdowns and non-starts caused by issues such as flat batteries. Trakm8prime’s P11D management tool also cuts down on HMRC paperwork and accountancy fees, thanks to easy separation of business and private mileage.

Trakm8 Prime offers a free 30-day, no-obligation trial to all businesses.