TransCultural Group (TCG) is a premier consulting firm that provides high quality learning programmes, including workshops and customised cultural experiences to those in search of traditions, values and excellence.

The company is founded to provide an exclusive and unparalleled learning environment for the development of refined and thoughtful leaders worldwide, beyond time, space and cultural boundaries. Through comprehensive coaching and grooming programmes, TCG bridges the cultures of the East and West, and provides an unforgettable, treasured experience that lasts a lifetime.

TCG’s founding members are successful global business executives passionate to share their unique and privileged experiences of having gone through some very rich and successful learning journeys. It is their belief that, as the world continues to progress rapidly, it is important that the generation that leads and the generation that will lead be introduced to each other’s cultures and acquire an appreciation for the richness of this diversity, thereby living life to its fullest.

The company is headquartered in Singapore, with representative offices in London, Paris, and Beijing.