David Risik,  Senior Agent for Southern Maryland

We Are Transamerica Agency Network, Inc.

Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. is a marketing organization formed in 2011 by joining the Monumental Life agents with the Life Investors Financial Group, Inc. agents. We have the opportunity to present you with an expanded product portfolio that includes both Monumental Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Life Insurance Company products and services.

Term Life Insurance
Offering simplicity and economical protection, Term Life insures you for a specified term or span of years at a scheduled premium and helps to provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Universal Life Insurance
A flexible form of permanent life insurance, Universal Life (UL) offers attractively-priced protection, as well as the potential for tax-deferred cash value accumulation.

Whole Life Insurance
With Whole Life you are insured for your entire lifespan. Providing that the premiums are paid as specified, this policy will never expire. Upon death an insurance payout is made to your beneficiaries.

Cancer Check/Expense
Cancer Policies pay you money to help pay for the high costs of cancer-related treatment, medical expenses, and other indirect costs associated with this disease.

Accident Insurance
Accident insurance is a type of policy that pays benefits if death, dismemberment, or an injury requiring medical assistance occurs due to an accident.

Retirement Strategies and Annuities
A successful retirement takes planning and requires addressing and answering questions related to all aspects of your retirement—including income strategies, lifestyle goals, investments, health care coverage and protection needs.

While our marketing name has changed, Monumental Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Life Insurance Company will continue to exist as insurance companies – providing you with the same coverage you purchased and services you have come to expect.

At Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. we’re making Tomorrows people can count on – Tomorrows they’ve planned for.

About Monumental Life Agents
Monumental Life Insurance Company was founded in 1858 and provides life insurance and other financial products and services through employee career agents and independent agents. As part of Transamerica Agency Network, Inc., Monumental Life (a Transamerica company) employee career agents and independent agents will begin offering both Monumental Life Insurance Company products and certain Transamerica Life Insurance Company products.

About Life Investors Financial Group, Inc.
Life Investors Financial Group, Inc. (LIFG), a Transamerica company, is a licensed insurance agency that traces its roots back to 1959. LIFG has a close affiliation with the sales force of Life Investors Insurance Company of America (which was merged into Transamerica Life Insurance Company in 2007). LIFG develops long-term relationships with independent producers, helping them build honest, ethical and successful careers as they work to secure the financial well-being of their clients. Life Investors Financial Group, Inc. is in the process of changing its name to Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. and will continue to be the insurance agency that Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. agents sell through.