The Transcription Certification Institute was launched in November, 2008. It was started by a group with over 15 years of experience as transcriptionists, proofreaders, and transcription company ownership. Each partner had its own realm of experience. The company owner felt the need for trained transcriptionists. The transcriptionist and proofreader wanted someone to guide them through the initial stages and give them relevant experience. Together, the concept blossomed.

With all of this experience under our belts, we will provide you with the experience needed to become a great general transcriptionist. All lessons and quizzes are available online and can be completed in any part of the US.

Many people ask, “How can I become a home transcriptionist when I have no experience?” The Transcription Certification Institute is your answer. We will teach you to become a transcriptionist by providing you with online training, which gives you the experience and skills required for an affordable fee. We cover areas such as MS Word, grammar, punctuation, spelling, typing speed, privacy guidelines, and more.

Our team wants to help you reach your goal, so sign up now for the chance you thought you never had. We can help you achieve your goals!