In 2017, our founder got introduced to the concept of virtual assistance through an act of kindness. This began with supporting a buddy in Ontario, North America, who began his company but couldn't afford to recruit a full-time employee there, so he requested our CEO to find an employee for him and to give him a place in our former printing press office. This awareness has given rise to the concept of moving remote jobs from the USA in India. That gave birth to a virtual assistant service business named "Transfer Task." Our Goal Is To Maximize The Importance Of Time for Entrepreneurs and Organizations Around The Globe. Our Mission At Transfer Task Is To Provide Solutions That Offer Our Clients The Fortitude To Climb Higher.

In today's world, sometimes we wonder how life would be if we have more than 24 hours in a day. We will have extra time to focus on our businesses, personal life, and many more which we always wanted to do but cannot because of time. This is where Transfer Task steps in by providing extra hours and extra hands in the lives of busy people around the world.

Below are a few details on what we do in TransferTask.com.

Transfer Task is a Virtual Assistance Service provider. We provide support to Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Busy Professionals who hardly get time to perform their Lifestyle as well as business-related tasks which can be done over the phone, internet, or fax. Transfer Task provides support 24/7 and is eying to reach every busy individual to make their lives easy.

Keeping our subscriber requirements in mind, we have divided our plans into two categories, Lifestyle Assistance, and Professional Assistance.

Lifestyle Assistance is a task-based subscription offering customers to manage their day to day lifestyle-related tasks such as Restaurant reservations, Hotel bookings, booking Flight Tickets, booking Rental Cars, Ordering Flowers, Finding Maid Services, Scheduling an appointment with Doctors, Spa or Salon, etc. and many more. Our Lifestyle Assistance Plan offers 30 Tasks in 30 Days for USD 39.00. We also offer a 3-day FREE trial to evaluate our services with 5 lifestyle-related tasks.

Professional Assistance is an hourly based subscription where we assist our customers by performing both Lifestyle as well as business-related tasks such as Document Editing, Social Media Account Monitoring & Management, Call Answering Service, Email Monitoring & Support, Online Calendar Management, Online QuickBooks/Salesforce Entry, PowerPoint Presentations, Product Listings and Management (For eBay, Amazon, etc.), Data entry, Word Processing, Designing works, and any other Administrative Office Works. Our Professional Assistance services offer plans starting from USD 12/hour to USD 5/hour depending upon the chosen plan. We offer a 3-day FREE trial which includes 3 hours of support with business-related tasks.