TPI offers a variety of solutions, products, and services to our customers, customized to meet specific needs and help them achieve the greatest ROI.

New and emerging technologies can help your business achieve unprecedented productivity gains and competitive advantage. As a leader in the development of these technologies, TPI offers customers a full suite of service solutions and in-depth expertise for a streamlined implementation.

Our objective is simple, and that is to deliver the solution that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations. This process can entail a variety of customized services such as software programming and process improvements . TPI provides customers with complete and total lifecycle management plans that begin with an initial site survey and continue through implementation of maintenance contracts , training and ongoing business improvement solutions .

TPI provides complete integrated solutions that address all of today's IT issues. Data center services , supply compatability testing and staff training are all services provided to our customers by TPI designed to support you and ensure your success and profitability.

Bottom Line: TPI provides customers with great products, backed with great services that maximize your IT investments while minimizing complexity and speeding deployment.