TMI was formed in 2004 in order to make available to western clinical researchers the tremendous advantages of conducting clinical research in India. Its founders and leaders have first hand experience with the challenges of new drug development and organized the company to combine western expertise in trial design and implementation with deep understanding of Indian expertise and practices. The result is a safe and “value creating” option for promising clinical development programs, making India a must consider option for many companies engaged in clinical development

Translational Medicine India (TMI)’s corporate headquarters are in the U.S. (Cambridge, MA) and its clinical operations are headquartered in Bangalore, India with clinical sites and offices throughout India.

TMI has pioneered in its India organization the “Embedded Staff Model”, which enables the company to deliver the absolute highest level of quality found anywhere in the world coupled with the speed, cost effectiveness, and capability to conduct highly sophisticated POC studies based on capabilities specific to India.

With the TMI model, full time staff is permanently on site, facilitating the process of investigator adherence to the protocol, managing local referral networks, and identifying issues immediately before they became problems.

The measurable results of the TMI approach have numerous benefits to sponsors. As an example, in a recent global pivotal trial in Oncology, TMI was brought into a competitive enrollment situation with a leading global CRO which was active in India, and had responsibility for 8 sites in India along with 11 other active countries around the world, including the US and the UK. Within 6 months, the TMI model was outperforming the other CRO’s by such a wide margin that TMI was given management for all 16 sites in India and four months after that, TMI sites in India were out-enrolling the rest of the world (11 other countries) by such a wide margin, that TMI was asked to double its overall contribution of patients to the global dossier. By the client’s estimation, this performance took approximately 9 months off the time to filing and an independent post study quality audit showed TMI managed sites were among the highest quality globally.