The magnitude of the disparity between organ donations and patients requiring them is evident through data that estimates that about 5 lakh people lose their lives every year awaiting organ transplants, while according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), only 0.01% of people donate their organs after death in India.

Despite medical advancements, the state of organ transplants in India faces critical challenges. These factors are all predominant contributors to decreasing the organ-to-patient ratio, which includes:

Massive gap in organ donations and the number of performed transplants
Lack of awareness
Scarcity of trained transplant coordinators

Amongst these pressing and major obstacles comes another serious impediment- finance. Even the socioeconomically well-off patients need to bear the hospital, post-surgery and life-long medication expenses. In addition to this, only some hospitals have the necessary infrastructure to conduct these transplant procedures.

Only those who can afford these costly procedures have access to this life-saving option. This results in affecting particularly the low-income or disadvantaged groups who face the negative consequences and effects of the unaffordable transplantation of tissues and organs, suggesting that the poor do not have the option of receiving organ transplants.

It is important to understand the gaping inequality and difficulties the poor undergo to receive needful organ transplants in India. There must be sustainable solutions that bridge the gap between the number of donors and patients requiring organ transplants.

Transplants- Help the Poor Foundation- an organ transplant foundation in India, has endeavoured to provide the poor with the successful transplantation of tissues and organs to mitigate these critical challenges. With a focus on raising awareness of organ scarcity in India, the foundation engages with other stakeholders in the field to make organ donation known to the public through channels such as education and media.

The founders of Transplants- Help the Poor Foundation are five esteemed Mumbaikars: C. Y. Pal, Gul Kripalani, Dr Darius F. Mirza and Sabira Merchant are dedicated to providing ease to the underprivileged against the financial burden of organ transplants in India.

“Giving Life a Second Chance” is one of the primary aims of the NGO, demonstrating its vision and commitment to making organ transplants in India more accessible to the needy and poor patients. The organ transplant foundation in India facilitates the poor with health-related needs, prescriptions, direct medical care, and travel costs.

About Transplants – Help the Poor Foundation

Founded in 2017, Transplants- Help the Poor Foundation provides financial assistance to the needy for life-saving transplantation of tissues and organs. The NGO collects funds through crowd-funding from the public and the corporate sector. T-HTP foundation is involved in activities such as raising awareness of organ transplants in India and training and employing transplant coordinators.

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