A unique concept pioneered by TravelSafe Clinics, India
Remember the time when you were sick as a child and grandpa would call home your 'Doctor Uncle'? He would stand beside your bed, check your temperature, do a quick examination and then prescribe some medicines after reassuring your parents and explaining what was wrong with you. He always had a special place in your heart.
Times have changed, but we know the feeling. So at TravelSafe Clinics, we now offer home visits or house-calls for vaccinations, just like your 'family doctor' did couple of decades back.
Depending on your requirements, our trained medical assistants can provide you the necessary vaccinations in the comfort of your home or office, after you have interacted with our panel of doctors.
This service is especially tailored for the elderly, those who are immobile and cannot visit a clinic/hospital and for those who are having difficulty taking the time out of their busy schedule to visit a doctor's clinic for their relevant vaccinations.

The charges for the home visit will be as following :
Convenience Charge (in Rupees) : Distance from Chandigarh in kms multiplied by 10

This will be added to the cost of the Yellow fever vaccination, and will remain same irrespective of the number of people getting vaccinated at a single location.
For distances above 1,000 kms, please call/SMS us at +918010777722 or email mohali@travelsafeclinic.com for custom schedule & charges.

For example, let us say 3 people want to get vaccinated at Amritsar, and cannot come to our clinic. The total charges would be as follows -
Distance from Chandigarh to Amritsar = 230 kms (Source Google Search)
Convenience Charge is 233 * 10 = 2300 Rs
Plus Cost Of Yellow Fever Vaccination at current price (valid as per Jan 2016) : 2900 * 3 people = 8700
TOTAL : 8700+2300 = 11,000 /- only

Please remember that Yellow Fever Vaccination needs to be taken at least 10 days before the date of International Travel, and it remains valid for 10 years.
100 % advance charges would be deposited in the Bank Account of Dr Gaurav Gupta, and the details of the Passport would need to be sent across by email so that the WHO International Certificate of Vaccination can be generated for the persons.

This vaccination service is offered at the sole discretion of TravelSafe Clinics, and on a best effort basis only.
Cold Chain is maintained by using Industry Standard Ice Boxes specifically designed for vaccines.
We follow standards suggested by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, USA for vaccinations.
Vaccines at non traditional sites have been shown to be safe & effective in improving coverage as shown in various studies and is strongly recommended by the Community Guide, USA Government as well.
So get your Yellow Fever Vaccination NOW, at the convenience of your own home or office.