In the summer of 2014, I embarked on a foodie adventure, with only myself for company, (I'm a great laugh, so that was fine), the map reading skills of a fly trying to escape through an open window and a quite insatiable appetite, especially for that true wonder of the world, the tiramisu.

Within, expect to find restaurant suggestions covering fourteen cities of Europe; from Paris to Prague and other cities beyond (some of which start with letters other than P). I will be revealing my top tips for avoiding touristy restaurants and will lay out my perfect week of European eating.

Part restaurant guide, part diary, expect everything to be served with a healthy dose of self-deprecation, social awkwardness and if nothing else, there will be plenty photos of food to whet your appetite!

It has been described as 'funny, informative and a joy to read'. Ok, ok, this quote does come from my sister, but in fairness, I told her to be as unbiased as possible... without hurting my feelings... or impacting on potential sales.

These are the experiences of a socially awkward foodie travelling through Europe. Come and eat with me/read about me eating, with me!