Good news for people on the hunt for the world’s rarest treasures. TreasureHunt.com now provides searchers with a consolidated showcase of the world’s rarest and most unique treasures currently being auctioned online.

Bruce Bates Incorporated, owners of the TreasureHunt.com domain, have completely retooled their website to provide visitors with a concise list of online auctions containing only the rarest of treasures. The website filters through millions of online auctions daily and features only the “best of the best” within their relevant categories.

Categories range from antiques and antiquities, to rare coins, books and cars, vintage jewelry and watches, one-of-a-kind collectibles, and original art. Bid prices for the treasured items currently featured on TreasureHunt.com range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

“There are literally hundreds of thousands of online auctions taking place on a weekly basis, and there is a growing need to help streamline the search for those truly rare and unique items that are being offered,” stated Bruce Bates, president of Bruce Bates Incorporated and owner of the TreasureHunt.com domain name. “For people who are sincerely interested in owning only the ‘cream of the crop,’ TreasureHunt.com saves them countless hours of searching.”

All online auctions are featured in real time on the TreasureHunt.com website and can be viewed in over 50 languages. In addition, the website features links to up-to-the-minute “Auction News You Can Use,” an online bookstore of “how-to” books for new collectors, and a directory of related businesses.

Treasure hunters can view the consolidated list of rare and unique treasures currently being auctioned online at www.TreasureHunt.com. The TreasureHunt.com website is wholly owned and operated by Bruce Bates Incorporated, a U.S. corporation based in Tallahassee, Florida. Visitors are encouraged to share their suggestions for improving the online service by using the “comments and suggestions” form located on the TreasureHunt.com website.