Namaste from Trekking Trail Nepal!
What is Trekking Trail Nepal?
You may have been curious about what Trekking Trail Nepal is.
To let you know, Trekking Trail Nepal is an adventure trekking operator company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We organize and operate trekking adventures in the mountains of Nepal, Bhutan, and India. From the popular trekking trails to off-the-beaten adventures, we offer adventure trekkers with incredible mountain experience.
Are we like just every other trekking company out there?
If you want to give a quick answer, yes we are. Like every other company, we also operate under the license of the Department of Tourism with an affiliation to TAAN and NMA and registration at the Office of Company Registrar in Nepal.
But we are fundamentally different than other companies for sure. The fundamental differences in the operation of a trip! Our focus is more on the experience that every adventure is to offer. We truly want you to get that essential awesome experience and offer our uncompromising effort in getting you the same.
Why us for Trekking in Nepal?
The founder of the company, Apar, has a long time working experience in the mountains of Nepal. He has extensively traveled to different regions of the mountains in Nepal as a guide to several groups of adventure trekkers. Before establishing Trekking Trail Nepal 4 years back, he worked as a guide for other trekking companies. He grew up near the Mt. Dhaulagiri, the 7th highest mountain in the world, and its region of the mountains and would always be fascinated by the charisma of the mountains. Later, he made the mountains his work field.
Trekking Trail Nepal believes not only in the adventure but also, actually more importantly, in the experience that the travelers get. It is the wholehearted focus and dedication of our awesome team in offering uncompromising service that has earned a good trust of the travelers within a short period of its establishment. We leave no stone unturned to live up to the trust of our valued travelers.
You can check our website here to explore more about our products.
Working in Partnership
As a ground operator company of the adventures in Nepal and organizer of Bhutan and India adventures, we are open to working with right and like-minded companies and travel agents from around the world.
In doing so, we believe in meeting a common ground that suits both parties with an incredible traveling experience to the clients.  The MoUs that we reach to form a partnership will be beneficial to the concerned parties.
Ensuring the quality and uncompromising services, taking well care of the clients, and offering them an awesome experience is what we promise and deliver.
Invitation for the Partnership
As our policy to establish a partnership with other travel companies and travel agents, we cordially invite you for the same. We will talk in detail and reach the MoU if both of our interest meets a common ground.
We can look for the common grounds to work together in offering clients a wonderful experience of
➢ Trekking
➢ Peak Climbing
➢ Cultural Tours
➢ Yoga Tours
➢ Motor Biking
➢ Jungle Safaris
➢ Adventure activities
➢ Day Hiking
➢ Day Tours
The clients will get the best of the best experiences of adventure traveling in Nepal, Bhutan and India.
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