Trialtus Bioscience provides life scientists with tools for production and purification of genetically-engineered proteins. Our novel CL-7 affinity tag system enables purification in a single step, takes only a few hours, and produces yields of 300mg of high-purity protein per liter.

This technique was tested with five of the most notoriously challenging proteins to purify, and then compared to the best known commercial affinity chromatography offerings.

Our CL-7 system is a breakthrough for scientists who need larger amounts of high-purity proteins, and need to isolate them in a shorter amount of time. Our CL-7 system successfully merges the best qualities of commercially-available affinity methods, with highly-specific binding due to use of a biological binding molecule. It also has ultra-high affinity, high tolerance to salt and other additives, and exceptional yield and purity.

In simple terms, this is a uniquely robust and efficient method. The system is simple and also applicable to pulldown and kinetic activity/binding assays. This new tag has binding affinity 4-7 orders of magnitude higher than other methods, which results in ultra-efficient purification of even the most complex proteins.

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