TriForest Enterprise, Inc., is a vertically integrated organization dedicated to high quality plastic products for the life medical instrumentation market.  We have over 40 years of experience in design, development, and production of plastic disposable and reusable products.  From concept to a finished product, we have the expertise and the means to complete each product in house, in time and on budget.

Our products are manufactured with one goal in mind:  Customer Convenience and Satisfaction.

In 2002 TriForest introduced the concept of “the new alternative to glass” for the life science labware and the culture media market.  Our first entry into the USA was the reusable, autoclavable, polycarbonate, media bottle that has replaced thousands of glass bottles in the life science market.  They are manufactured using the LEXAN resin that is FDA approved and compatible with the applications in the lab.  They provide safety, economy and reusability.  We have continued our innovation with the patented DuoCAP platform, tamper evident cap, and our latest line of PETG media bottles.  At TriForest, we listen to our customers and create products desired, needed and appreciated by our customers
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Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide an unmatched customer satisfaction with quality products that exceed your expectations in quality, performance, and price. We aim to be a global supplier of innovative and superior plastic labware.