Tricia Greenwood started writing and recording music in 2000,

Tricia's music is defined as eclectic rock, she moved from a village in upstate NY to California and started her music career late in life as a songwriter after her son left the nest, she found her desire to create music to be her life's purpose.

She currently finished recording her new 14 song album, "In the Spirit of Love"  with Aaron Madsen, owner of Madhouse Studios, engineer and lead guitarist in Sunnyvale, CA. Tricia's hopes are high in getting her music into film. She produced some full band songs on this album with co-producer/engineer - Aaron Madsen on lead guitar, Loren Rendler on drums, Harold Martin on bass guitar, Erik Johnsgard on keyboards and MaryEllen Duell added her harmony vocals on the song, "Im Coming Home"

Even as a five year old, Tricia Greenwood wanted to sing, but feeling inferior with a slight lisp, she gave up the idea…she met a speech therapist in junior high that helped her to speak clearly after having worked with her for a half hour. It took decades before she was ready to go out in public to sing . A late bloomer with a passion for performing and writing songs, she continues to make music with the help of fellow music makers that can be heard on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Cdbaby.com and Rhapsody to mention a few