Trilutions Real Estate Group is a full service real estate brokerage, investment and property management firm.  Since 1993, we have been empowering our clients to make GREAT real estate choices to achieve their dreams.  Our innovative business model, and unique management and marketing approach, delivers turnkey solutions and endless opportunities.  How are we unique?

1. We can make you a DIRECT OFFER TO PURCHASE your property immediately or deliver a pricing and marketing strategy to sell your house on the open market.  
2. We maintain a pool of qualified buyers actively searching for the right property to fit their needs.
3. We continuously create new buyers through education and proven credit solutions. Buyers come to us incapable of buying and typically within 6-12 months we have them in their new home.
4. We are the epicenter for real estate investors in the region.  Our purchasing power and experience put us first in line for new investment opportunities, bringing great properties to wholesale, rehab or hold.
5. We provide turnkey opportunities and property management for people looking to add real estate to their portfolio.
6. We maintain exclusive listings of beautifully remodeled and custom homes delivered by our vast private network of investors.