Make your trip different: explore NYC with New York Adventure Guide.
New York, NY – TripnDo and The New York Pass are pleased to announce the release of their New York Adventure Guide. The app differs from traditional travel apps and provides users with the opportunity to explore New York via shot and fun activities. It allows to get acquainted with the city not just by reading dry facts but becoming a part of an interactive adventure.
New York Adventure Guide offers hundreds of creative challenges and a wide range of activities for people of all ages. The app features mind stimulating trivia and on-line videos about different place of interest as well as on-line maps that help to orientate and navigate between the city’s attractions.  
Users get the possibility to explore NY through a large variety of both informative and fun activities, acquiring new knowledge and gaining exciting experience. With this app every member of a family can become a family tour guide through the numerous attractions that are grouped according to their locations and are situated within a walking distance from one another to the users’ convenience.
“We brought together all the little things you never noticed passing by and presented them in an exciting way. Our team has been working hard to give users the opportunity to explore New York in a way they couldn’t even imagine! We wanted to make it fun and interactive, to make users a part of the adventure and really hope that we achieved our goal” –  said  Gil Steinberg, TripnDo co-founder.