It was under enemy fire in Iraq I realized the importance of military gifts and our ‘I love me’ walls.  

These reminders of heroic service and tributes to a ‘job well done’ represent everything that’s important about the men and women who have fought for this great country.  

I returned to civilian life after service as a Combat Historian and Artifact Officer in Fallujah during Operation Phantom Fury.  I had served 22 years in the Marines and my role in that battle was to collect battle artifacts and record the actions of our heroic Marines for the Marine Corps Museum.   I was honored to serve in that role and wanted to continue it in my personal life.   It was in Fallujah that I realized the importance of my “calling” to continue crafting meaningful and special memories of service for the defenders of this great nation and its families.  

When I returned, I began work on a studio that would:

1)     Craft high quality, unique gifts that surpassed those found in typical veteran’s stores.
2)     Provide unflagging service no matter who ordered the gift or where they are ordered from.  
3)     Support our nation’s defenders and the families that support them.  

We craft gifts here at Tripoli Gift Company that create lasting memories of a family’s proud military history.    Do you remember that framed medal or patch your grandfather or grandmother had hanging on the wall…  Do you remember how you felt about that medal or patch when first saw it?  …That feeling of pride and accomplishment is what we work to craft here.  

We would be honored to support you and your family’s efforts to recognize a loved-one or veteran…  we are standing-by, ready to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and, Semper fi,
Joe Winslow