ShoppeThat is an online marketplace like eBay or Bonanza that serves ALL categories & not another crafts-only site - with a "Mall" image at a low rate, with simplicity transparency & better multi-channel importing & advertising tools for merchants and true friendly support.

We anticipate the convergence of eCommerce & traditional retail as well as the need to find for our shoppers what they want in an age of pay to play shopping sites.

Ultimately we see these coming convergences:

Comparison & Discovery Shopping Engines + Marketplaces

Brick & Mortar + Ecommerce

An excerpt from our Mission and Philosophy..

"Overall Mission & Philosophy of the whole company
Easy to use both in the UX and the site policies & rules – selling & shopping should be easy & fun
Quality customer service
Balanced between shoppers & merchants
Automation & Technology - Automation is rising, there's no way to stop it. Instead embrace it and
prepare - create income streams not just jobs & maximize efficiency within the company by
automating as much as possible & strive for technological advancement ; in the future with mass
technological unemployment, marketplace sites & freelancing will become a massive part of the
global economy compared to now. Companies in this area can play a vital role in the future
economy & have a responsibility there."