The Trium Group lives to create brilliant organizations.

Working at the intersection of strategy, leadership and culture, our close-knit team of highly seasoned consultants helps companies make and execute the right business decisions the right way. We partner with senior executives to explore and develop strategies, and then continue to work closely with them to align, equip and mobilize their organizations to successfully implement strategic choices. This approach yields leaders that inspire passion and performance, teams that embrace change with agility and grace, and most notably, companies that deliver results.

Trium believes that the proof is in the performance. This result-oriented bias means we drive every engagement with clearly articulated goals and shared success metrics—before, during and after. We are provocative, pragmatic and unflinchingly honest with ourselves and our clients in order to tackle the issues that must be tackled and ultimately be most successful.

Trium clients have included such renowned companies as Gap, Symantec, Cisco, Genentech, Virgin Atlantic, 24 Hour Fitness and Chiron.