Nowadays, if you want to take a photograph, you do not need to look for a studio – everyone has a camera in his smartphone, tablet, etc. There is no better way to preserve a pleasant moment than a photo.

We know that to choose a unique gift is a regular problem for everyone.
The perfect gift is unique and thoughtful. Finding that unique and thoughtful present can be time-consuming and difficult.
TRIVOLTY crystal makes the perfect gift – innovative and traditional at the same time.

Meet TRIVOLTY - the first LED-lights CRYSTAL with laser engraved photo from your IPad, IPhone, notebook or any other device.
We'll offer everyone the opportunity to upload his image to our website, assess how it looks in the crystal and place an order in the comfort of his home.
Our project provides a solution by preserving pleasant memories and emotions.
It typically takes a lot of time and thought to find the perfect gift. The TRIVOLTY CRYSTAL makes it easy to give a special gift to your loved one.
The Trivolty Crystal consists of a light unit, a transparent colorless glass and a supporting element. A cylinder-shaped light unit with a soft-touch coating is comprised of batteries, a touch sensor, a LED line, and plastic end caps provided with mini-USB connectors to charge batteries.
When you touch one of the end caps the LEDs flash on, the second touch turns them off. When the batteries are charged by the mini-USB cable, LEDs are on all the time.
Due to the light unit the image formed by means of a laser technology is clearly visible day and night regardless of where the crystal is placed. Internal batteries ensure six hours of constant glow of the crystal.
Every aspect of its design was strictly calculated and assessed in terms of ergonomics, innovative trends and customer preferences. After almost eight months of meticulous work, we have created a unique design embodied in the TRIVOLTY Crystal.
It was a challenge to find the between optimal photo size (20x15) and ease of use. After eight months of hard work, we found a solution and proud of the finished product.
It's an ideal gift for any occasion:
- Romantic surprise for your spouse
- Wedding present
- Birthday present
- Thoughtful gift for your parents
- Anniversary gift for a good friend
- Unique present for your boss  
- Fancy corporate decoration or advertisement.

Currently TRIVOLTY is based in Ukraine with an office in Belarus and Estonia. The company was founded by Morozevich Tihon and Maksim Artsiukhou. The idea of Trivolty PROJECT came to them one year ago.
Tihon came up with the idea for Trivolty when faced with the dilemma of finding a unique gift for his girlfriend. What do you buy for the person that has everything?
After a lot of work designing together with Max, the idea became a beautiful concept. With the support of ARTKB, we have come a long way from the conception of an idea to the sample pilot production.
A present is a thing we give our friends and family with a special tenderness and pleasure. Giving a gift should inspire joy and surprise. We believe that the Trivolty Crystal will be a touching gift for any loved one.
The TRIVOLTY Crystal has moved into the next stage of development due to initial enthusiasm about this innovative product.

In the middle of february 2015 we plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the indiegogo platform.

We hope that you like the Trivolty and help us to develop Trivolty and start mass production.