TrophySoft is the home for a team of highly talented and creative software professionals. We specialize in advanced software solution for the Mobile and Web environments.

We use the latest software technologies to ensure perfect results and fast delivery, but we still believe in hand-crafted graphical and architectural design that meets the unique requirements of each project.

Our offshore design and development groups let us offer highly competitive prices at the highest possible quality.

Web Solutions:

Establishing a strong Web presence is not as easy today as it used to be just a few years ago. Making your site stand out from the crowd is a combination of interesting and unique content, compelling design and great attention to detail.

The TrophySoft team offers a wide range of Web presence solutions, from static page-oriented Websites to complex database-oriented Web applications. You can manage the content of your site yourself using the tools that we give you, or you can rely on our talented technical writers to take full responsibility for the site's lifecycle.

Mobile Solutions:

With hundreds of millions (or more?) smartphones, tablets and sophisticated media players, Mobile presence is a must for everyone. And if you have a fresh idea for a compelling mobile application, you can make a lot of money in the various application stores.

The TrophySoft team knows how do do this the right way, using the most advanced features of each mobile device to take usability and user experience to an extreme.

Don't settle for a mediocre solution that will get lost in the vast number of applications out there. Let us supply you with the best.

One Stop Shop:

Developing a Web or a Mobile solution is just the first part of the story. To become a success, it must be accompanied by a full set of tools - branding, search engine optimization, submission to survey and news sites, optional advertising campaigns and more.

The TrophySoft post-development team will supply you with a complete solution, tailored to your specific needs, so that your Web site or Mobile application will get the uttermost public awareness.

“The art of programming lies in that nether region between the hopeful wishes of an elegant architecture and the hard grindstone of technical details.”

- A. Hunt and D. Thomas