TruFlavorWare non-metallic flatware was introduced to the online market in the Fall of 2011 under philanthropic grants mainly to aid sufferers of "Dysgeusia", a metallic taste in mouth often associated as a side effect of chemotherapy in cancer patients. TruFlavorWare soon began worldwide sales answering the demand for a non-metallic flatware product that had the substantial weight, feel, strength and durability of metal flatware but without any of the aversive (bad) taste disadvantages of using metal or chemical-eluding plastic flatware.

A taste-test study at a major Ivy League university confirmed the advantage of using TruFlavorWare vs. metal flatware by an overwhelming 2 to 1 majority of over 100 panelists.

Recently, chefs, gourmets and food lovers in general have realized the amazing health benefits of pure tasting food and have started to recommend and use TruFlavorWare.

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TruFlavorWare "Simply makes food taste Better!"