We are a company wholly devoted to the proposition that Jesus wanted each of His followers to be a true disciple, willing to pick up their cross, obey Him, and give up everything, even life itself. Then Jesus commanded that we go and make disciples.

With that in mind we are a publisher of ebooks, printed books, and audio books that will help Christians to become equipped to be disciples and make disciples. Our first book is "God Called - He Needs Your Decision." This book sets out the proposition that each life is all about making decisions. God gave us free will and now it is up to us to exercise that free will. It will be up to us to choose the free gift of salvation.  Then it will be up to us to determine if we will choose to stay in the world or to obey Jesus and enter into Kingdom living.

The author, Randy Kirk, is available for speaking, radio interviews, guest appearance or posts on blogs and other media, and for panels or Google Hangouts related to this subject matter. You can reach him at 310-910-1949