Our Company's Mission: 
To have an emergency preparedness kit in every big or small household, business, and classrooms.

Our main inspiration for starting TRUEREADINESS was the natural disaster in Haiti.  It hit home that Americans overall are also not prepared for an emergency.  As is noted below, only 2 out of every 10 Americans have some or all of the emergency plans in place.

 "It's now the mantra of emergency management officials everywhere: every household should have enough water, food and other supplies to last at least three days, as well as a family reunion and communication plan. And yet a 2005 survey by Columbia University's National Center for Disaster Preparedness found that only 29% of Americans had some or all the major elements of an emergency plan. "Time magazine; Amanda Bower 2006

Therefore we offer emergency preparedness kits at  nominal prices.  A small price to pay for being prepared for a massive disaster.

ALL of us whether rich or poor, child or adult, pet or a human must have an emergency supply kit, this kit allows us to survive outside our house without the usual comforts of life.
We at TRUEREADINESS are committed to supplying ready to go emergency kits for your home, office/business, car, and classrooms: 


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