The idea started in 2007 when we were looking for a property in Bulgaria. We wanted a property with enough land  for our needs, and after a very long search settled on a house in the Ruse district of Bulgaria, and it came with two and a half hectares of land, so that was more than enough to start with. The first job when we arrived was to take soil samples from the various plots and have them tested. We sent them off to a laboratory in Spain www.micofora.com  with whom we had regular contact.  The results came back after a couple of weeks and  were very encouraging, the land just needing a little lime to make the ph ideal, and a some well rotted manure to improve the texture.
This is a long term project as the trees will take at least 4 years, and could be up more, before they start to produce truffles. We want to manage the farm as ecologically as possible, with no heavy machinery compacting the soil to give the root systems of the trees the best opportunity to develop well, so the work will be done by hand. This is a business that we look upon as having a full collaboration with our share holders, you are good enough to see the worth of the business, and we reward that with hard work for both our benefits, which is why we do not levy any maintenance charges. Your share will last for the life of the truffle plantation, and of course you can transfer it whenever you want, just let us know, so we will be aware of where to send either the truffles or the cash.
We have various plots of land in different geographical locations, and various sizes, and as such we have decided on two different sorts of truffle impregnated trees, the hazel, and the oak. We started with a hazel plantation the land is slightly sloping, and will suit the trees very well, water is available, so irrigation in the early years will be easy, the land was fenced off to keep out unwanted visitors with either 2 or 4 legs, and the first 100  trees planted.
As demand for the shares grows, we will be developing the other sites, with a total potential of 1000 trees.
The cost of a share 130€