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Rocket Scientist Creates Premium Adult Toy

[Las Vegas, Nevada, 07/29/2019]  
Acclaimed product design wizard and former rocket scientist Robert Harvey has now applied his decades of proven innovation and design experience to the adult toy industry.  Robert recognized the recent trend of pursuing a more complex design is more challenging to use while fraught with potential failure modes. Robert has developed a vibrator toy focused on end-user needs, simplicity, longevity, all with a simple user interface.
The TuVuoi adult female vibrator adapts to the user’s wants and needs in the moment.  The controls are intuitive with just a single on-off button and special squeeze sensors hidden in the handle. The user creates unlimited pleasure experiences by squeezing the hidden sensors harder or softer as desired. TuVuoi plays much like a musical instrument for ongoing and creative enjoyment.
The dual internal motors are heavy duty and respond directly to the touch of the squeeze handle.  The TuVuoi toy uses wireless charging through the included charging base, so there are no holes to leak. No plugs for charging cables makes TuVuoi easy to clean with mild soap and water after use.  
Users wanting a toy that is good looking, very high quality, satisfies their creative needs, and is long-lasting know the TuVuoi happily delivers on all of these fronts.
In recent prototype testing, the TuVuoi vibrating toy easily met or exceeded all design goals. TuVuoi is currently available exclusively on indiegogo.com

TuVuoi LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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