Tuckahoe Strategies is a strategic communications firm based in Washington, DC led by Ramsey Poston. Mr. Poston is considered one of the foremost experts when it comes to "high profile" litigation and crisis communications.

He regularly works with America's top law firms and chief executives to create and execute strategic communications plans to counter false allegations and positively move his client's agenda forward.

Mr. Poston is supported by a national team of independent experts that include former reporters, former Capitol Hill and federal government officials, and advocacy experts.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Poston and his team have provided litigation communications, crisis communications, and reputation management support for several industries including: sports & entertainment; energy, healthcare, retail/small business, environmental, international, and defense.

Ramsey Poston, president, Tuckahoe Strategies

Ramsey Poston opened Tuckahoe Strategies in 2011 and has helped his clients successfully advance their agenda ever since. Mr. Poston has prepared his clients to face tough questions from reporters, regulators, and stakeholders to emerge victorious in the court of public opinion.

Prior to launching Tuckahoe Strategies, Mr. Poston built and led the public relations team for NASCAR. In that role, he served as the chief strategist and spokesperson responsible for every communications aspect of the sport including NASCAR's connections to fans, sponsors, drivers and team owners and partners.

Mr. Poston was hired away from Powell Tate by NASCAR, where he served as Senior Vice President leading both the Crisis practice and Labor & Employment practice at the firm.

Mr. Poston is a native of Washington, DC. He enjoys getting outdoors and, on the water, especially on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

"My job is to help my clients get to a better place in the court of public opinion. Sometimes that means advocating for your business, sometimes it means fighting false allegations, and sometimes it means counterpunching. At all times, it means we'll have a strategy."