We are an company established in the United Arab Emirates, with the management team having intensive exposure to international commodity trading, facilitating, networking and dealings with both developed and emerging markets.

Our Group of Companies also have a local presence in Malaysia, through Tujuh Kommodity Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur.

Tujuh Keajaiban, established in the United Arab Emirates, is essentially a trade finance specific advisory and consultation service provider.We aim to address real issues, and to come out with practical solutions. Our unique selling points include, notwithstanding,

1.  Understanding, interpreting and providing solutions to risks addressed, so that a proper risk mitigated approach can be established both for lenders and well as Borrowers

2.  Foreign Currency Exposure Mitigation – All the borrowings are in USD/Euros, hence in export trade, that minimizes the local importers/ and exporters risks of the volatile currency markets today. And inadvertently saves on hedging costs.

3.  Balance Sheet Financing – very straight forward. Fixed tenure, fixed profit margins – transaction based.

4. Off Balance Sheet Financing – that is something very useful to companies who have maximized their existing lines but still want to continue to engage in trade. Lets face it, commodity prices are highly volatile today, any company who is more then 10 years old, and enjoying current trade lines with Banks, have to completely revamp their cash flow projections. This is because many of these projections were based on commodity pricing then, and not now, hence the lines extended to these entities would need to be increased significantly. It also facilitates just in time shipments, and most structured operations are based on inventory financing.

5. The global financial crisis is a reality that we are faced with and we have to cope with innovative solutions.  Hence a holistic approach with an international expertise will enable local entrepreneurs to cope with these dramatic developments.

7. Emerging Market Access
This is critical in sales today for exporters of Malaysian valued added goods. We provide the expertise to enable risk management be incorporated into their sales and purchase transactions because we understand the nature of these risks.

8. One of the key mandate within our organization is the promotion of Intra OIC Trade. This ties in with my earlier point well as many of the OIC trade not only covers oil and petroleum value added products, they are also a good source for raw materials (commodities) as well as selling the exporters goods. These include both middle east, and Africa. Both strategic and lucrative markets for entrepreneurs to tap on.